Gods ‘r’ Us (part 2)


If we backtrack Hannibal across the Alps to Hungary, we find seated upon his golden throne, in his golden house, the old, white-haired, white-bearded god of eternity, the Great Heavenly Father, clad in black robes which sparkle from thousands of stars embedded in the cloth. Seated next to him, similarly attired, the Great Heavenly Mother; she having been “the ancient material from which everything was made.” The Heavenly Parents looked down “from the immeasurable heights” upon a roiling, foaming sea, the Earth not yet having been formed. Before them stood “their beautiful, golden, sunbeam-haired son, the Sun God, Magyar,” who asked his Dad when they will create the world of the Humans. After pondering, the Great Heavenly Daddy advised him to descend to the bottom of the sea, where he would find “sleeping seeds” and to bring these to the surface where they would become Humans and be his children. The Great Heavenly Youngster magically transformed into a golden, diving duck, and after one failed attempt, managed to collect the seeds and return to the surface where the seeds sprouted, grew and became living beings. It must be assumed that in his absence, Great Heavenly Pops created someplace for them to stand.
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