This website is a tribute to a fallen friend as much as it’s a resource for people interested in religion.
(Photo: Calvin J. Hamilton, www.scienceviews.com)

A resurrection, of sorts

Archaeopteryx (Arch) started a blog called “In His Own Image” in 2010, but it wasn’t hosted here at WordPress. You can still find the blog via the Wayback Machine (in-his-own-image.com), but it’s no longer live, because the blogging software Arch used was discontinued. He talked off and on about re-hosting his blog somewhere, but he never got around to it. Instead, he spent time being an active commenter on a number of other blogs here in the WordPress system. And in our WordPress “community,” he was well loved.

In September of 2016, Arch died. Just two weeks before, he found out that he had lung cancer. It hit all of us really hard. It’s difficult to express how large a void he left behind in our blogs. As a tribute to him (and a service to the rest of us), we decided to “resurrect” his old blog posts from the Wayback Machine, reposting them here on this blog. “Our Own Image” was the closest URL I could get to his original site, hence the name. The blog posts and the original comments have been recreated here, all the way down to the original time stamps.

Even though Arch is no longer with us, feel free to join the conversation in the comment sections. I think he would have liked that. 🙂